Buffy Wolfe

Week of March 24! Home training!

Hopefully we have all started adjusting to training from home!  It helps to set a daily routine, and make sure you schedule some exercise and sunshine every single day.  Try  to get your family and/or pets to work out with you.  It could be time to start training for that first 5k or half marathon!! … Read more »

Week of March 16! Not a burpee in sight!

We’ve got a great week ahead of us at the box!  I know most of you will be relieved to know that there will NOT be any burpees this week.  We will see some fun and challenging lifting complexes, and an opportunity for a one rep max.  Lots of barbell, and lots of time on… Read more »

Week of March 9! More lifting, fewer burpees!

This week you can look forward to a lot more lifting, especially at the front end of the week!  There’s even a one-rep max test day for the front squat, as well as a bench press day.  I know we are all “burpeed-out” so to speak–you will see them this week, but nothing like the… Read more »

Week of March 2

Can you believe that we are already entering into March??  The first week of the month features some awesomely challenging programming!  We are getting a real variety this week, including some movements that we haven’t seen in a while (pistols, sumo deadlifts).  The week will bring some short, high intensity workouts, but also features a… Read more »

Week of February 24!

This is going to be a challenging week, my friends!!  Don’t forget to bring in those knee sleeves, you’ll need them quite a bit this week.  Squats feature in a majority of the workouts, but they are relatively light weight so you will want to really speed through them when they come up in a… Read more »

Week of February 17

What a great week we had last week!!  Anyone still sore from all those squats on Valentine’s Day?  Hopefully you used the weekend to recover and eat some well-deserved chocolates and treats with your loved ones.  A little treat now and then is good for the soul! Our prescription to burn off those dessert calories… Read more »

Week of February 10!

This week we are getting heavy (again), and our legs are definitely going to get the brunt of it!!  Back squats, front squats, deadlifts… throw in a bear complex (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll find out on Friday) and you’ve got a recipe for some serious leg fatigue!!  But we love that,… Read more »

Week of 3 February!

The programming has been super fun and challenging lately, and this week is no exception.  Hope you like barbell work, because we will be using barbells every single day this week.  We can expect to see the return of some movements that we have been working on, such as deadlifts, snatches, and back squats.  There… Read more »

Should I compete? Reflections from 2020 Winter Chiller

First of all, congratulations to Rob, Jon, Kelly, Meredith, Mike, George, Tylor, John, and Connie (and me, too) on their hard work at the 2020 Winter Chiller at CrossFit Intense this weekend!!  We showed up, we worked out, we had some laughs, and we left feeling like we all accomplished something. You may have seen… Read more »

Week of January 27: Let’s get heavy!

This week is going to be epic!  Lots of barbell work this week, guys–and lots of chances to go heavy, too, for those of you looking to challenge yourselves.  Every day will feature a barbell movement of some kind.  But we have a lot more than just lifting this week!  There’s a lot of gymnastics-type… Read more »