CrossFit Classes

Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life, build lean muscle, lose unwanted weight, and be prepared for any challenge that life throws at you?

Our CrossFit group classes are designed primarily to make the average person look and feel better overall. Some benefits that you can expect are increased muscular strength, lower body fat percentage, better endurance, increased mobility and a better range of motion. Unlike traditional gyms though, our members and coaches will know your name and routinely encourage you. Before starting our group classes, we will ensure that you are safely instructed on the fundamentals by one our knowledgeable coaches to make sure you’re ready and comfortable for the group class experience. You can think of our CrossFit group classes as semi-private personal training.

What should you expect?

In each one-hour class, you will be guided from warm-up, through workout and finally to cool down by one of our professional coaches. Our workouts are constantly varied to achieve maximum results, but are also scalable for any ability level. Our coaches will also keep a watchful eye on you throughout the class to ensure safety and proficiency of movement.

Pricing options:

per month
Unlimited CrossFit Classes
2 FREE Fundamentals Classes
FREE RomWod Mobility Workouts
Child Supervision Available (4:30pm on M/W/F)
Shower Available
Per month
12 Month Contract
Unlimited CrossFit Classes
2 Free Fundamentals Classes
Free ROMWOD Mobility Workouts
Child Supervision Available (4:30pm M/W/F)
Shower Available

* couple/first responder/teacher/military discounts available on request

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