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Summer Strong With Forwards Refer A Friend

 Beginning June 1st through July 31st, we are running a  Member Rewards Referral Program. Let’s fill our community with even more awesome people—encourage your friends and family members to join FORWARD! For each friend/family member that signs a six-month contract, you will receive one month of membership at no charge. Refer 2 friends, and that’s 2 free months, and so on! It is our goal that by welcoming your friends and family to FORWARD, we will bring in new members who already have a relationship with some of our athletes, and already have an idea of just how great our “little gym” is! We firmly believe that the best way to begin CrossFit is to do so in a comfortable, friendly, and encouraging environment surrounded by familiar faces, without the intimidation that normally stigmatizes CrossFit as a whole.
 CrossFit Forward is striving to lay a strong foundation for each athlete’s journey to functional fitness. Let’s open the doors to all of our friends and family and show them that our journey can now be their journey, and there is no better time to start than now!

College Special

Are you home for summer and need a place to CrossFit?  Take advantage of our college special.  From June 1st until Aug 31st you can train unlimited at CrossFit Forward and Forward Barbell for 240.00!!  That's a full three months of training at a savings of $210.00!!!  Don't delay!!  Take advantage of this deal today!!!! 

*Fundamentals are required if you are new to CrossFit.

Workout Of the Day

  • It's already JULY!!!!

    1. Back squat- 1x 20 reps add 5-10# from last week if successful last week. If you failed your set here's another shot

    While warming up your Press, work on your handstand... 5 attempts at handstand holds either freestanding or chest to wall

    Press- 5 sets x 3 reps @85-90%


    100 Burpees for time (15min cap)

    Starting with the first minute do 5 thrusters 95/65


    Bottoms up KB press 15x3

    Unilateral KB Row 15x3(superset)

    120 Pistols for quality... Weighted if at all possible.

    3 sets of

    30 Hollow Rocks, 30 V-ups, 30 Tuck Ups for quality.


    10 rounds

    :20 @ 10

    Rest :40

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